Earth Day and Natural Soap


Earth Day, I remember when it first became popular in Canada. I was living in Toronto working for The Lung Association.  We were doing stuff like ride your bike to work, adding a 4th R to the 3 Rs of recycling; REFUSE - just say “NO” to styrofoam containers, coffee cups etc. That has always stayed with me. I try to pack some good containers with me so I can ask the restaurant to use them, I already leave my house with my sippy cup full of water that way I can refuse what I can, reduce wherever possible, reuse (myself or give away) and recycle whatever products can be recycled. 


When I started Bell Soap I knew I was on the right path. I could reduce my personal footprint as well as my customers by not purchasing products that were shipped, not full of ingredients made in a lab or packaged in excess with non earth friendly. My products are all vegetarian based, purchased in bulk, local whenever possible, I use minimal labelling and use 100% recycled paper for my soap labels and in my office. I reuse packaging when I need to ship products. My products contain no harmful ingredients manufactured in a lab, they all can go down the drain and not hurt our lakes and earth. They are also great for your body containing no alcohol, petroleum products, SLS, parabens, fragrance or dyes.


Another great products not only last longer, but they are of such high quality you don’t need to use as much.  I’m amazed at my lip balms and hand creams  - seriously I apply my hand cream once or twice a day. In the past I used to put hand cream on about 10-20 times per day. No joke - I would put cream on every single time I washed my hands (now using my soap which also reduces the need for cream because it doesn’t dry you out) I’m told my soaps last 2 months in peoples bathtubs!!! So not only is purchasing hand made bath and beauty products good for the environment, they are good on your pocket book too!!! 


I’m excited!! I love our country and our Earth. It just feels good to do what you can to minimize the damage we do to our earth every day.    Karen