Unscented and Uncoloured


I’m so happy that I have quite a few customers that love my unscented and uncoloured soaps!!! The biggest reason I started making soap was to develop a soap that was all about the oil and how it treats our skin. 


My skin tends to be dry and sensitive, so my first soap formulas were catered to that type of skin. I came up with my Castile bar, Avocado and Gourmet bar. These are all unscented and uncoloured. I then made my Milk ‘n Honey and Coffee bar also unscented. I recently was asked to make a Goats milk bar that is also unscented and uncoloured. I LOVE this!!!! 


For me the essential oils in the bar smell great but they really do get washed down the drain. I love adding essential oils to my creams, body butters and lip balms since they will remain on your skin so you can smell it for longer and gain some of the benefits of the essential oil.  


And colour. I see no reason to add colour to make soaps look like something they are not. Especially if they are fake colours made in a lab that does who knows what to your skin. I only use natural colourants in my soaps. I do NOT colour my lotions, butters of lip balms. The natural colourants that I add are botanicals, clays, herbs and food additives. Such as; honey, oats, carrots, calendula petals, french green clay, comfrey powder, activated charcoal.  These are all added as they add a component to make the soap more cleansing or nurturing to your skin. 


If you want to know more about what I add to each soap, feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.