Natural Herbal Bug Repellent for Ontario Cottage Country

It’s a hit!!! This year I wanted to introduce an all natural herbal bug balm and soap. In researching, I purchased other natural herbal remedies, to try out and compare to my product, researched books, blogs, health and environment websites and then went to the lab and started trying out various recipes. And I’m happy to say we did it!! 

The balm has been tested at campsites, farms with lots of animal doo doo, Rideau lakes and cottages and we are getting positive reports. 

When I was researching I repeatedly read that lemon eucalyptus, not lemon and eucalyptus but the plant “lemon eucalyptus” is the key ingredient that is the toughest at repelling bugs. We also added citronella, rosemary, catnip, cedarwood, lavender and peppermint.

I decided on a balm instead of a spray then I would not have to put a preservative in the product. Also its more concentrated so lighter to carry. Bonus it moisturizes your skin at the same time and it smells good, not like the old spray repellents we’ve gagged over too many times. 

Available on my website, and Pinecone in Westport, Ontario, Herb ‘n Spice in Ottawa, Ontario and Sense of Country in Renfrew, Ontario.