What to look for in a Soap label?

When taking the step to purchase a handmade bar of soap do take the time to read the label to make sure the product is made up of the quality of ingredients you are looking for.

Often soap labels will have the latin name as well as the english name. Personally I find this confusing so I list the ingredients in english.

•    name of company
•    location of company
•    contact info
•    size of bar
•    list of ingredients
•    is the list of ingredients the same for each different bar? do they take the time and care to produce special bars for each need
•    is a soap base used i.e. melt and pour product
•    do they list which essential oil is added
•    is there fragrance - you do not want to see that - causes headaches etc.
•    is there FD&C dye - you definitely do not want to see that - it is a known carcinogen
•    local - nice to see so that local workers and local businesses are supported
•    organic - small soapmakers likely will not go to the expense of being organically certified from the USDA body, but they can purchase their oils that are USDA certified. (you just have to trust that they are in fact using those oils)
•    fair traded for oils from Third World Countries you want to be sure that the money earned from the product goes back into the same community it was sourced from
•    sustainable source - if using palm oil you want to be sure it is from a sustainable source and not depleting the rain forest
•    clays - some clays are good for acne but can be drying to the skin