Waste Not Want Not

I grew up hearing my mom repeat these little phrases. I always thought they were stupid and annoying. Roll your eyes. As I grew older and older, I found myself repeating them. What? I was becoming my mother. Well that's not such a bad thing. But! But, it wasn't just repeating the sayings,  I was living the sayings. I didn't and don't like wasting ANYTHING. I save leftovers, I make stew, soup, dog food. If we have a party, the extras go to a homeless shelter. Well, same with my soap. You'd think at my house I'd have all these beautiful soaps and body butters but NO. What I have is the ends of soaps, the scooped out bottoms of the dish from lip balm and body butter in a jar that I use for myself. I can't throw away anything. Especially this stuff. This is organic amazing oils and butters I can't even throw away a scrap - it goes into a jar for me to use later. So off to get ready, shower with slivers of ends of a soap log, moisturize with the bottom of the makings of cocoa body butter and lip balm. I truly am blessed. Waste not and I most defintely want not. Thank you Mom!!