I Love Scrubs!

If you’re a bath person you’ll really love these scrubs. So easy to make and even better to enjoy in a warm relaxing bath.



Here’s my bath routine when I feel like having a wee pamper and can’t afford the spa. Oh who am I kidding, I don’t go to the spa for this, I only do this at home. It’s so easy, and when I’m done I can go sit by the fire or go to bed and have a relaxing sleep.


While the tub is filling, I light some candles, then do a dry skin brush including the bottom of my feet and then I’m ready to to indulge. 


Salt scrubs are an especially nice scrub in the tub because of their detoxifying qualities. Once you use them, they are floating around in the tub where you can get the benefits of the magnesium to help relieve sore muscles


If you’d like to make your own it’s super simple - you take epsom salts and dead sea salts, and and mix with a good quality carrier oil. Choose one that is nourishing for the skin such as olive, sweet almond or grapeseed. Just add enough to moisten the salts. If you have some essential oils you like add a few drops. That’s it!!!


You can mess around with sugar scrubs the same way, mix up the carrier oils that you have on hand or like for your skin. It doesn’t really matter. It’s your choice. You want to be able to scrub the salts or sugars into your skin and have some oil to moisturize at the same time. 


Be sure not to use soap afterwards or you’ll wash away all that skin nourishing oil. 


Enjoy!!  Karen