Spring is in the Air!!!

And I’ve been putting off creating a face and body cream long enough. The butters I make; cocoa, shea and whipped shea are AMAZING for the winter. My skin just soaks it in and LOVES it. Soon the embers of the fire will be dying down and our furnace will be turned off, I’m thinking it really is time to get that recipe started.


It will be made of all organic nourishing oils and butters and mixed with some aloe juice to make it a looser cream than my butters. It’ll take a few weeks to try out some recipes and get my peeps to try them out. The plan is to have the cream ready for May 24th and the beginning of the many craft shows and farmers markets I’ll be attending this spring/summer.


Another exciting thing I started a few weeks ago is my seedlings for herbs that will be planted in my garden this spring. Once mature, these herbs will be made into herb infused oils that will go into my soaps, butters, creams and balms. Here’s a pic to show the sprouts that are already showing their heads. I”m so encouraged I’m going to start some more!!


Happy Spring everyone!!!    Karen